Frequently Asked Questions

This section of the website answers the questions we get asked most often - we hope this comes in useful.

  1. What is the aim of the Morrisons Foundation?

    The Morrisons Foundation aims to make a positive difference to people living in England, Scotland and Wales. We provide match funding for Morrisons colleagues and donate grants to registered charities undertaking projects that improve people’s lives.

  2. How long can I expect to wait?

    We aim to inform you of our decision within three months of submitting an application.

  3. Will I be notified if my application is unsuccessful?

    Yes, we'll notify you even if your application is unsuccessful.

  4. How often can I apply for grants?

    Charities that have previously received a grant donation can submit an application after completing a post-grant report. We don’t limit the timeframe in which charities can apply for a grant following an unsuccessful application.

  5. Is there a separate pot of money for Scottish and Welsh charities?

    The Morrisons Foundation is part funded by the sale of carrier bags in Scotland and Wales. The money that is generated through this will be donated to charities in these countries.

  6. Why are only Morrisons colleagues eligible for match funding?

    We are committed to supporting Morrisons colleagues who play an active role in their communities. By providing match funding we can further boost their efforts and highlight the great work that they do for local and national charities.

  7. How is the Morrisons Foundation funded?

    The Morrisons Foundation is funded by a number of revenue streams and is the chief recipient of the money generated through the sale of carrier bags in Morrisons stores in England. The Foundation also receives the proceeds of carrier bag sales in Morrisons stores in Wales and Scotland. A proportion of the money generated by charity scratch-cards and clothing banks in Morrisons stores is also used to fund the Morrisons Foundation.

  8. Can the Morrisons Foundation support community interest companies and social enterprises?

    Donations are only available for charities registered with the Charity Commission or the Scottish Charity Regulator OSCR.