Morrisons Foundation Making a difference to people’s lives

The Morrisons Foundation has been set up to make a positive difference to people living in England, Scotland and Wales. We provide match funding for Morrisons colleagues and offer grants to charities undertaking projects that improve people’s lives.


Applying for funding

Whether you’re looking for a grant or match funding you’ll found out more here. To save you time and effort with your application we’ll ask you a few quick and easy questions so you can see whether or not you could be eligible for funding. Once you’ve gone through these you’ll then be able to fill out a full application form.

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Frequently asked questions

There will be plenty of questions that you’ll want to ask about the Morrisons Foundation, and we’ve put all of the most frequently asked questions in this section of the site. Follow the link below to find out more.

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Latest news

You’ll find some of our recent news stories in this section, as well as more general updates from the Morrisons Foundation.

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