Match Funding Policy

Match funding has been made available by the Morrisons Foundation for Morrisons colleagues to request additional funding for their fundraising activities.

  1. Terms and conditions

  2. The Morrisons Foundation is a registered charity: 1160224 (England and Wales) and SC045634 (Scotland) and private company limited by guarantee.
  3. All applications for match funding must be made through the Morrisons Foundation website (
  4. Match funding is considered by the Morrisons Foundation only for charities that are registered with the Charity Commission (England and Wales) or the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (Scotland).
  5. Overall funding in any year is limited. As such the Morrisons Foundation reserves the right to limit and/or withdraw all or part of any match funding at any point.
  6. Match funding is available to current Morrisons colleagues and their immediate family who are directly involved in fundraising for a charity. Immediate family means parents, siblings, children or spouse of the colleague.
  7. Applications should be submitted by a colleague (the applicant) who is employed by Morrisons at the time of the request.
  8. Applicants are permitted up to two successful applications per financial year (1st November - 31st October).
  9. Applicants must raise a minimum of £50. to be eligible to apply.
  10. Applications for the amount raised specifically by colleagues (or their immediate family) will be considered to be matched pound for pound, up to a limit of £5,000. The amount awarded is at the discretion of the Morrisons Foundation and does not include gift aid claims. 
  11. Applications can only be submitted for colleague fundraising activities delivered outside of your role. Colleagues who participate in fundraising events in their own time are eligible for match funding. Individual applicants who fundraise with a group of people who are not employed by Morrisons should apply only for the amount they raised personally (this can be a pro-rata calculation), not the total amount raised by the group.
  12. Applications from a team comprised entirely of colleagues/immediate family members are accepted, but only one application per event should be submitted. The team should nominate one colleague to submit the application on behalf of the fundraising group for the total amount raised.
  13. Applications for fundraising comprised of a number of colleagues/immediate family members and other members of the public (i.e. people not employed by Morrisons nor family members) are accepted:
    1. Only one application per event should be submitted
    2. The number of total fundraisers should be noted
    3. The number of fundraisers who are colleagues/immediate family members should be noted
    4. In the event of a successful application, the amount donated will be calculated on a pro-rata basis on the number of colleagues/immediate family members based on the total number of fundraisers involved
  14. Applicants should transfer the funds raised to the charity prior to submitting an application and retain a receipt of this as evidence of the amount raised which will be required at the point of application.
  15. Applicants should submit their match funding applications within three months of transferring the funds to the charity.
  16. Applicants will be notified by email or phone on the outcome of their application within six weeks of submission, but accepts no liability for any delay however this may have been caused.
  17. In the event of a successful application donations will be transferred directly to the charity. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure the charity’s details are correct when submitting an application to ensure the funds are received by the charity.
  18. In the event of a successful application, details of your fundraising will be passed to your chosen charity. We will also share your email address so that they can contact you and thank you for your donation.
  19. The Morrisons Foundation awards match funding at its sole discretion and has the final decision regarding the eligibility of any application.
  20. The Morrisons Foundation reserves the right to withdraw or amend the match funding programme at any time.