Match Funding FAQs

Match Funding FAQs

What is match funding?

The Morrisons Foundation will match fund the money raised by colleagues for registered charities up to twice a year (from 1 Feb to 31 Jan) per colleague.

Who is eligible to apply for match funding?

All Morrisons colleagues who participate in fundraising events in their own time can apply for match funding.

Applications should only be submitted for colleague fundraising activities delivered outside of your role. 

Immediate family members (parents, siblings, spouses and children of colleagues) can also receive support, but please note it is the colleague who must apply on their behalf. 

What is the process?

  1. Choose a registered charity to support.
    Only organisations that are registered with the Charity Commission (England and Wales) or OSCR (Scotland) are eligible for a match funding donation.
  2. Fundraise.
    You must be actively involved in raising the funds.
  3. Transfer funds to the charity.
    The funds you have raised should be given to the charity before submitting your application. Please do not apply for match funding until your event is complete.
  4. Get proof.
    Ask the charity for proof of your fundraising. If you are raising funds online, then a link to your fundraising page is fine. Otherwise a letter or email from the charity specifying the amount you have raised is ideal.  Please note that the 'Gift Aid' amount cannot be matched as this provided by HMRC.
  5. Apply.
    Go to the Morrisons Foundation website ( to complete a match funding application form, ensuring that you upload proof of fundraising. Please provide a valid email address.
  6. Make a note of your match funding Reference number.
    You will receive an email to acknowledge your request. This will contain your unique eight digit match funding reference number. Please retain this as you will need to quote it in any future communications about your request.
  7. Wait.
    Match funding applications take around six weeks to process. During this time the Foundation team will complete due diligence checks.
  8. Celebrate!
    If successful, colleagues should receive their match funding certificate within around eight weeks of receiving approval. This is a great way to demonstrate your fundraising to other colleagues and hopefully encourage them to fundraise for their chosen charity.

What if I am fundraising as part of a team?

Colleague team applications are welcome, but we request that only one application per team is submitted by a designated colleague. Team events that include members of the public (i.e. non-colleagues/non immediate family members) will be funded pro-rata. For example: if a team of five people raises £2,000 the average amount raised per person is £400. If this team included two colleague/immediate family members we would match fund £800.

Is the fundraising for Morrisons national charity partner eligible for match funding?

Absolutely. We welcome match funding applications for our charity partner provided that the fundraising activity is organised by a colleague and is not mandated by their core role.

Events arranged centrally by the charity partner where all colleagues are encouraged to participate are not eligible for match funding.

Will I be contacted once the charity has received the matched funds?

In the event of a successful application, details of your fundraising will be passed to your chosen charity. We will also share your email address so that they can contact you and thank you for your donation. You will not be contacted directly by the Morrisons Foundation to confirm that the charity has received the matched funds