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Autism Bedfordshire

01 April 2022

April is Autism Awareness month and we were delighted to support Autism Bedfordshire with a grant of £12,000.

Thanks to our support, the charity were able to install a prefabricated building to host bespoke workshops and experiences for autistic people who are finding mainstream education unmanageable.  

In addition to being able to provide one-to-one weekly support sessions, the charity has also been able to arrange visits to a local petting farm where children can interact with and learn about the animals, boosting their wellbeing, self-esteem and confidence.

Liz McTernan, Director of Children and Young People at Autism Bedfordshire said: "We are delighted that Morrisons have been able to support our Farm Project by funding a much needed engagement space for us to support young people. This will make a huge difference to the project and help us to increase support throughout the year, especially the winter months!"

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