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The British Disabled Angling Association

21 November 2019

The Morrisons Foundation has donated £7,432 to The Disabled Angling Association, a charity that provides fishing opportunities for disabled people of all ages and abilities.

Our support will go towards the charity’s Junior Schools Fishing Project; the first initiative of its type in the UK aimed at introducing children with disabilities to fishing as an alternative to other mainstream outdoor activities.

Working with Special Educational Needs (SEN) schools, the charity aims to create clubs with the hope of making fishing an all-inclusive sport for children in wheelchairs, those with sight loss or impairment, spinal and head injuries, autism, ADHD and mental health issues.

Terry Moseley, Founder and National Projects Manager at The British Disabled Angling Association said, “Creating such a positive project attracts attention from other SEN schools locally and around the UK, we believe children should never be left out simply because of the lack of accessible facilities or guidance."

"Fantastically the Morrison’s Foundation have now waded in to support us, ensuring the project can now expand and continue into the future creating the next generation of anglers for which we can’t thank you all enough.”

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