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02 December 2019

We donated £20,000 to Dentaid, a charity that provides free dental care for homeless and vulnerable people.

The grant will fund equipment for the charity’s unique mobile dental unit. This innovative programme visits hostels, day centres and night shelters providing emergency treatment for people who find it difficult to access dental care. Many homeless and vulnerable people aren’t registered with a dentist and live with long-term pain and infections, which is where the care from Dentaid proves invaluable.

Andy Evans, Dentaid CEO was thrilled to receive the donation, “We are very grateful to receive this £20,000 grant from The Morrisons Foundation. It is a sad fact that 70 percent of homeless people in the UK are suffering from dental problems and many have lost teeth while living on the streets”.

“By taking our mobile dental unit to hostels and shelters where our patients already feel safe and supported, we can relieve their immediate pain and help to re-engage them with dentistry. By improving their smile, we can improve their self-confidence and general wellbeing which can help our patients’ prospects.”

“We run clinics in several towns and cities, but the need is huge and we receive requests for new projects all the time. Thanks to The Morrisons Foundation we’ll be able to establish new mobile clinics and many more homeless people will benefit from regular dental care.”

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