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Feeding Britain

04 November 2022

We were pleased to provide a grant of £24,000 to Feeding Britain, a charity that offers food and essential items to families in hardship across the country.

Our donation enabled Feeding Britain to purchase fridges and freezers to support their community food hub programme which offer families with a choice of fresh fruit, vegetables and protein along with store cupboard staples at a cost of just £3 per bag in 15 locations across the country. 

The hubs are set out as a market stall, once a week at a primary school, nursery, or community centre so individuals make their own choices of what they need, unlike a traditional food bag service.

Feeding Britain National Director, Andrew Forsey said, “This incredibly generous grant from the Morrisons Foundation has made possible the swift rollout of a really effective lifeline for families in Bassetlaw who are struggling to meet the rising cost of living. We are enormously grateful to the Morrisons Foundation for that generosity which already is making such a huge difference.”

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