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Field Sport and Community Association

30 April 2021

Field Sport and Community Association (FSCA), a charity which provides social and sporting facilities for its local community in Lidget Green and across South Bradford, were delighted to receive a donation of £4,760. 

Thanks to our support the charity will replace a number of external doors to ensure the safety of all its visitors by making the venue more secure.

Mike McGowan, FSCA Trustee said, “On behalf of the Trustees, members and everyone who uses our facilities, I would like to thank the committee of the Morrisons Foundation for their extremely generous donation.

“As a club we have attempted to provide the very best sporting and social facilities in the area for well over 50 years. Everything we earn we use to try to improve the venue. We have always received tremendous support from our MP Judith Cummins and our local Councillor Joanne Dodds.”

Member of Parliament for Bradford South Judith Cummins attended the presentation of the donation, noting, “FSCA is an oasis for grass-roots sport, social clubs and community activities in the Lidget Green area of our city, although they draw sports teams from a wider catchment area by virtue of the facilities they offer."

"These facilities are an essential resource – without FSCA numerous sports clubs that engage a wide age range and cross-section of our local community would have nowhere to meet, practice and play. I was delighted to endorse their application for funding and want to thank the Morrisons Foundation for its support.”

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