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Helen Rollason Cancer Charity

26 January 2021

We were pleased to award a grant of £4,320 to the Helen Rollason Cancer Charity, a charity based in Chelmsford who provide vital support to people living with cancer. 

Helen Rollason Cancer Charity enables quality of life to men and women at all stages of cancer; from diagnosis, during treatment and once medical treatment is completed.  In addition to caring for patients with cancer, the charity also offer support to their carers, friends and family, ensuring they receive the guidance, support and help they need during difficult times.

Support from the Morrisons Foundation has enabled the charity to offer ‘Mindfulness Sessions’ to aid the support the recovery of patients following their cancer treatment. 

Karen Mitchell, Helen Rollason Cancer Charity Community Fundraiser said, “We are really grateful to the Morrisons Foundation for their support of Helen Rollason Cancer Charity.  Their donation will help us to continue supporting men and women with all types of cancer at all stages – whether newly diagnosed or longer-term, throughout treatment and after treatment is completed.”

“We also support research and clinical drugs trials relating to cancer with an annual grant made to The North Middlesex Hospital.  Providing support for cancer patients’ emotional well-being alongside their medical treatment continues to be at the core of the charity’s mission."

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