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Ickle Pickles

22 October 2019

The Morrisons Foundation has donated £25,000 to Ickle Pickles, a charity that provides vital equipment to hospitals to help them care for premature and sick babies.

The support from the Morrisons Foundation will fund a specialised incubator, which will be installed at the Neonatal Unit within King's College Hospital in London. The incubator is a specialist piece of equipment which helps us look after the sickest, most vulnerable babies in the safest modern way possible. It has many features to ensure that carers and families can easily access and touch their baby to help with bonding even while having intensive care.

Rachael Marsh, Co-Founder of the The Ickle Pickles Children’s Charity, “We are absolutely delighted to have been awarded this grant from the Morrisons Foundation and know that it will have a big impact on many babies and their families’ at the most crucial time in their lives. The technology offered with this incubator is cutting edge and will allow the staff the opportunity to offer the best possible care to the babies they are looking after”

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