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London Youth

10 September 2021

Our grant of £25,000 has enabled London Youth to offer cycling skills to young people who may otherwise not get the opportunity.

The charity provides support to a network of 650 youth clubs across the capital, providing activities to young people from diverse backgrounds.  The funding boost will enable the charity’s ‘Cycling Skills for All’ project to move into its next stage by building an equipment storage unit.  This will allow a fleet of bicycles to be stored securely and offer a place for them to be serviced and then used by young beneficiaries at the specially developed cycle circuit.

Located at Woodrow High House, London Youth’s Outdoor Learning & Leisure Centre in Amersham, the cycle circuit is expected to be used by circa 4,500 young people every year. The inclusive project will allow young people from all backgrounds to either learn to cycle or develop more advanced skills in a safe and fun environment, whilst also improving general confidence and encouraging resilience.

Asti Kanaris, Head of Woodrow, said: “Riding is a bicycle is a rite of passage all young people should experience. Cycling doesn’t just teach a child the life skills on how to be safe on a road or outdoor trails – it builds resilience when they fall off and get back on, provides a sense of freedom and independence, and promotes a healthy active lifestyle outside. Plus, it’s so much fun! We want every single child to have the opportunity to enjoy riding a bike, and thanks to Morrisons Foundation’s generosity, these funds will be used to build storage for a fleet of bicycles that will enable us to do just that. We are so grateful.”

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