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Moira Replan Centre

05 May 2023

Moira Replan Centre, a charity based at Moira in North West Leicestershire that provides a facility to support older people throughout the community were delighted to receive a grant of £4,500.

Our donation has enabled the charity to install a new heating system at the charity, ensuring they can provide a warm, safe and inviting place for isolated vulnerable older people to visit, socialise and share in activities.

Mary Brealey, Moira Replan Centre Trustee said, "Moira Replan are very grateful to have received a very generous grant from the Morrisons Foundation to provide our centre with a new boiler system to replace our extremely old and inefficient one.

"The grant will enable us to be more environmentally sustainable, keeping all the groups using our centre extra warm throughout the colder months especially in the current climate as everyone is trying to cope with raising costs of heating their homes."

Established 35 years ago, Moira Replan Centre has become a unique community asset that has responded to the changing needs of the area that has an ageing population.

The charity’s open-door policy provides support for those suffering from loneliness, social isolation, physical and mental health issues providing a safe place for a chat, 'listening ears', information sharing together with small group activities in pottery, art and crafts.

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