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Reuben's Retreat

05 July 2024

We were very happy to support Reuben's Retreat, a charity that provides care for children with complex medical needs and bereaved parents in Glossop, with a grant of £2,880.

Our support has funded Reuben’s Retreat ‘Moment of Calm’ project.   The project offers self-care support for bereaved parents and families navigating the complexities of caring for a child with special medical requirements. Four sessions will be held each Friday with the charity collaborating with a qualified practitioner offering massage therapy, reiki, and reflexology activities.

Claire Chamberlain, Head of Family Support and Wellbeing at Reuben's Retreat said: “The generosity of the Morrisons Foundation is cherished and appreciated by everyone whose life will be touched through our 'Moment of Calm' initiative.

“It fills me with joy to know that our families will have something precious to look forward to amidst their chaotic lives. Our beneficiaries often receive heartbreaking news or are on a journey of healing and your support offers a glimmer of hope and a sanctuary of calm in their time of need.”

Reuben’s Retreat was established 12 years ago following the tragic loss of 23-month-old Reuben Graham to an inoperable brain tumour.  Since then the charity has helped hundreds of families who have experienced grief or have children with medical complexities through practical and emotional support.

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