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The Thomley Hall Centre

04 July 2023

Thomley, a charity that provides a learning and leisure centre facility for people with disabilities and their families from across Buckinghamshire, were delighted to receive a donation of £10,000. 

Our funding has enabled the charity to develop a brand new horticultural area, offering accessible gardening activities for people of all abilities and disabilities from all across our region.

Joe Kitchen, Operations Manager at the Centre said: “With the support of the Morrisons Foundation, we have been able to build a Horticultural Area at Thomley to provide gardening activities for people with disabilities. We are growing fruits and vegetables that will be used in our café to offer healthful meals; and have planted saplings that will be transferred to our Forestry Area when they are ready.

“Thomley is a community facility, and in addition to benefiting our own visitors we are also making the Horticultural Area available to other disability groups in our community to ensure this important resource is available to as many people with disabilities as possible’.

Thomley enhances the well-being of disabled people through delivering activities that help develop the skills they need to run their day-to-day lives. 

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