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Wiltshire Sight

01 February 2024

We were delighted to provide a grant of £5,658 to Wiltshire Sight.  

Wiltshire Sight provides sight loss services through their community hubs. However, the charity reported that access to their fully equipped resource centre and full range of services can be problematic. 

Travel can be particularly challenging when living with sight loss. Distances seeming short when you can drive or read signs at unfamiliar bus stops can seem insurmountable when learning to live with sight loss. 

Given this challenge, the Foundation was able to help the charity by providing specially adapted visual aid equipment for their new resource centre in Trowbridge.  The innovative items include magnifiers, large buttoned phones, talking clocks and scales, lamps and ‘talking’ kitchen equipment.

The charity's new centre will provide a full range of services to blind and partially sighted people who would otherwise be unable to access them as well as a confidential space for individual sessions.

Mike Silvey, CEO of Wiltshire Sight said: "We are very excited to be opening our new premises, which will provide a base for local services in Trowbridge, enabling us to provide more local, accessible services for people living with sight loss.

"We're incredibly grateful to the Morrisons Foundation who has helped make this happen. In the West of England, more than 53,000 people are currently living with significant sight loss, and Wiltshire Sight is the only charity that provides local face-to-face support services in the county."

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