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Morrisons Foundation Xmas Appeal - Terms and Conditions

17 November 2021

The Morrisons Foundation’s Xmas Appeal

Appeal Terms and Conditions

1.      The Morrisons Foundation (the Foundation is launching its 2021 Xmas Appeal, which will commence on 17 November 2021 and end at close of business on 26 December 2021 (Appeal Period), to raise funds in support of the domestic abuse and homelessness charities identified below (Appeal).

2.      WM Morrison Supermarkets Plc (company number 00358949) (Morrisons) wishes to promote the Appeal and to fundraise on The Morrisons Foundation’s behalf. 

3.      In promotion of the Appeal, during the Appeal Period Morrisons has agreed to publicise the Appeal through its website and to provide its online customers with an opportunity to make a donation towards the Appeal at the point of online checkout. Morrisons’s customers will not be able to make donations towards the Appeal outside of the Appeal Period.

4.      100% of online donations received by Morrisons for the Appeal in the Appeal Period will be donated to The Morrisons Foundation as soon as practicable, and in any event no later than 28 days, after the end of the Appeal Period, and will be held by The Morrisons Foundation as a restricted fund on the terms of the Appeal.

5.      The Morrisons Foundation has agreed to match fund, up to a maximum of £250,000, all online donations Morrisons receives from its online customers towards the Appeal in the Appeal period.

6.      Within 28 days following receipt by The Morrisons Foundation of all online donations received by Morrisons for the Appeal, the total proceeds of the Appeal (including the matched funding referred to in clause 5 above) (Total Appeal Proceeds) will be distributed by The Morrisons Foundation in equal amounts between the following four charities: Crisis UK (registered charity number: 1082947 and company number: 04024938); Refuge (registered charity number: 277424 and company number: 01412276); The Albert Kennedy Trust (registered charity number 1093815 and company number: 04494989); and End Youth Homelessness who trades using its administrator Centrepoint Soho (registered charity number: 292411 and company number: 01929421), for each recipient charity’s general charitable purposes.

7.      In the event that Morrisons receives online donations from its customers for the benefit of the Appeal after the Appeal Period, Morrisons will ensure such donations are passed to The Morrisons Foundation in accordance with the donor(s)’s wishes. Any such donations received shall not form part of the match funding arrangement referred to in clause 5 above, but shall be added to the Total Appeal Proceeds raised under the Appeal, and distributed in accordance with the terms of the Appeal.

8.      In the unlikely event that, for whatever reason, The Morrisons Foundation is unable to donate the relevant % of the Total Appeal Proceeds to one or more of the charities identified in clause 6, The Morrisons Foundation reserves the right to distribute the relevant % of the Total Appeal Proceeds not otherwise allocated in accordance with clause 6, either equally amongst the remaining  charities identified above or to one or more alternative homelessness or domestic abuse  charities identified as suitable recipients and in such amount(s) to be decided by The Morrisons Foundation absolutely.

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